The Great Blog Exchange

All Your Blogs Are Belong To Us

Strange as it may seem, the impending death of Google Reader has me on the hunt for more great blogs. I know I could go to a few of my favorite blogs, check out their blogrolls, and go from there. But personal recommendations feel so much more… personal.

With that in mind, I hereby announce the inaugural edition of The Great Blog Exchange.

From Me To You

My favorite three blogs Three Four of my favorite blogs are:

    Not exactly a hidden gem, but prior to finding Dan’s site I didn’t know there was such a thing as a math blog. Great place to start, continues to inspire and challenge.
    I’ve been thinking about assessment lately, and so has Daniel Schneider. Only, his thoughts (and performance assessments) are miles ahead of mine. Good reading!
    If there was nothing else on Christopher’s blog besides the conversations with his kids, it would still be one of my favorite blogs. (P.S. There is much, much more.)
    Had a tough month teaching? Me too. Reading One Good Thing is like group blogging therapy. Three posts and you’ll feel better already. I promise. (And if you start looking at each day through the lens of what you might post as a guest-blogger, you’ll feel even better.)

From You To Everyone

Ready to play along? Leave a comment with your favorite one, two, or three math/science/tech education blogs. Add a (brief) note about why you like each one, or just do a drive-by link drop.

P.S. Feel free to share old blogs, new blogs, famous blogs, or hidden gems. If no one shares this or this because they’re not obscure enough to mention, then we’ve collectively missed the point. Let’s share it all, and help newbies like me get to 100 amazing feeds in our soon-to-be-dead Reader lists. (Don’t worry, I’ll have an exit strategy soon too.)