Solved the Student Engagement Problem Yet? Me Neither.

Find yourself thinking about student engagement in your classroom? Me too. If you haven’t read Dan Meyer’s summertime pieces on engagement, you should.

Here they are:

The Unengageables

The Unengageables, Ctd.

P.S. The links and comments are worth their weight in gold.



  1. The conversation there reminds me of a depressing chat with a student two years ago. She was in my Honors Calculus class and was struggling (by her terms) with a low B average. She was used to an A everywhere (she’s at U Penn now) and she asked for a conference. She said to me “I thought that my job as a math student was to know which formula to use and how to use it. That’s not working in your class.” I was sad for her and frustrated with my colleagues. She was allowed to succeed – over and over – with that attitude. She adjusted and learned and grew and performed well in my class. I was happy to see her grow, but I don’t think that I’ll ever forget that conversation.

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